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What To Do When a Snake Bites!

snake bites

There is no set season for snakes in Australia, they are just a part of life, but warmer temperatures mean that they are more active, and therefore more of a threat to our pets.

In general snakes want to be left alone, but along comes an inquisitive dog or cat and things can get ugly.

With this in mind there are two things you need to know in the event a snake bites your pet that could potentially save their life.


Identify the snake. Take note of colour, patterns and size. Take a photo if you have your phone handy.

  • Try to calm your pet.
  • Check them for fang marks. There may be more than one bite.
  • If bitten on a limb, wrap a constricting band just above the wound. This will stop the spread of venom to the rest of the body.
  • Take you pet to the Vet immediately, keeping them as quiet as possible. If you can try to call your Vet before you arrive to let them know you are coming with a snake bite victim. This will give them time to prepare for your arrival.

Note:  Do not attempt to approach or kill the snake as you could also be bitten.