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Puppy School

pet doctors puppy school gold coast

Start as you mean to go on. . . .

At Pet Doctors Puppy School Gold Coast we believe that every interaction with your puppy can be a learning experience for you both.

At Pet Doctors Puppy School Gold Coast you will learn appropriate ways to reward and eliminate behaviors. You will socialise your puppy in a safe environment, play games and have lot’s fun while teaching your pup manners.

Pet Doctors Puppy School Gold Coast can help to prevent:

  • Socialisation problems leading┬áto aggression towards other dogs and/or people.
  • Behavioural problems such as boredom, relief-digging, nuisance barking, etc.
  • Toilet training problems.
  • Anxiety problems.
  • Diet related problems.

Pet Doctors Puppy School Gold Coast include :

  • 4 informative lessons on socialisation skills and basic puppy training.
  • Information regarding parasite control, nutrition, emergencies, puppy behaviours, obedience and so much more.
  • Take home information.
  • A Guest Speaker.
  • Graduation Ceremony & Educational Bag of Goodies.