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Dogs and Fireworks

dogs and fireworks

New Year’s Eve and fireworks go hand-in-hand! It’s an all-out tradition that we all love, but can mean hell for our pets! That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide to dogs and fireworks!

There have been reports of terrified dogs jumping through plate glass windows, jumping over or digging under fences to try and escape! Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, these quick tips will help ease that frightened fur baby this NYE :

  • MICROCHIP : A must-do as many pets try to escape during fireworks.
  • TREATMENT : Vets will provide soothing treatments for pets that have severe phobias. Takl to your Vet to discuss options.
  • WALKIES AND DIN-DINS! : A few hours before fireworks start, exercise and feed your pet. A tired, well-fed fur friend will be less anxious.
  • KEEP THEM COMPANY : Be with them during this scary time. Don’t fuss them, but go about normal activities like nothing is different. Bring outdoor dogs and cats inside, keep cages in a dark room and make sure horses are securely stabled.
  • CLOSE UP : Close those curtains and windows, put on the TV or RADIO and drown out those bangs!
  • REMOVE THAT COLLAR : During high stress a pet can choke themselves on a collar or lead, so make sure never to have them restrained.
  • KEEP WATER CLOSE : Excessive panting can lead to dehydration so make sure they have access to fluids.

With a little preparation, there is no need for your dog to be afraid. We recommend that you speak to one of our Vets if you are unable to help your scared pooch deal with loud noises. Book online now.

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