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Pet Doctors offer all clients access to the newest veterinary care facilities on the Gold Coast. We pride ourselves on striving to provide outstanding care for all our patients and have the facilities and equipment to support our goal.

Pet Doctors are unique as we are well known and highly regarded for our advanced facilities including our operating theatre, separate pet wards, xray equipment and laboratory where we are able to provide analysis at our clinic, rather than sending tests away and waiting for the results to be sent to us.

A Welcome Reception

Step inside and experience the warm welcome Pet Doctors Palm Beach offers you. Our reception area has been designed to ensure that your pet receives the prompt, efficient attention she/he deserves.

For all your pet’s food and accessory needs, browse through the chic display of products that Pet Doctors Palm Beach uses and recommends.  A friendly nurse or receptionist will be on hand to help answer any questions you may have.

Consulting Rooms

Now there are two. That’s right, two consulting rooms.  This means that your pet can receive the attention she/he needs in a timely manner.

A Pet Doctors consultation is 20 minutes with our vets to ensure we have investigated the problem thoroughly, assessed all the information available and presented you with a solution. Plus answered any questions or concerns you may have regarding the health and well being of your beloved friend.

Pet Doctors prides itself on providing complete professional veterinary care to all of our clients and now, by having larger facilities to support this, we are one step closer to our goal of providing the best veterinary care on the Gold Coast.

Operating Rooms
A larger operating room with new equipment will support the growing needs and complexity of our clients’ surgical requirements.

This means that some complex cases can be confidently performed by your Pet Doctors vet rather than your pet being sent to a specialist.

Operating Rooms

Separate Cat & Dog Wards

Your dog or cat does not need to worry about sharing their recovery area with each other. Your dog or cat now has their own separate area where they can relax and recuperate with their fellow kind.


At Pet Doctors we offer a complete laboratory service. This service is a valuable resource in helping us to make important decisions about your pet’s health and care.


The benefit of in-house testing and laboratory sampling is that it helps Pet Doctors vets to determine causes of illness accurately, safely and quickly.

Xray & Imaging Room
Pet Doctors offer a state of the art xray and imaging facility so you do not need to go elsewhere for your pet xray services.

X-rays may be taken to evaluate structures such as bones, lungs and heart, and ultrasounds are used to help your vet to determine pregnancy and the important stages throughout pregnancy. Ultrasounds are also vital in evaluating abdominal organs to determine inflammation, masses, stones or other changes.

We are pleased to be able to offer these services to our patients, just another facility that makes our practice your reliable and fully equipped family vet.

Exercise Yard

The only one of its kind in the Palm Beach and surrounding area. You have to see it to believe it! Personally manicured by Peter!  Peter has created a safe haven for your pets to enjoy the outdoors as part of their recovery. Under the shade of the giant leopard tree, you can sit on one of the benches and watch as your pet goes wild in the lush grass.

Exercise Yard

This area is also used for our puppy school classes.


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