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Pets Are Good For The Health – Say 1000 Docs!

Pets Are Good For The Health - Say 1000 Docs!

1000 family doctors and general practitioners were surveyed through a one-of-a-kind panel survey, revealing doctors believe that interactions with animals helped patients.

Results showed:

•    88% of patients improved physically.
•    97% improved mentally.
•    98% had an improved mood/outlook.
•    76% interacted better with staff.

A whopping 97% believe there are health benefits to owning a pet and 74% would prescribed a pet to a patient!

“Doctors and their patients really understand the human health benefits of pets, and they are putting that understanding into practice,” said HABRI Executive Director Steven Feldman. “The science shows that pets can help with a wide range of health conditions – from heart health to depression to PTSD.”

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