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Gold Coast Vet

Pet Doctors is your family Gold Coast Vet and we pride ourselves on offering excellent and friendly veterinary services for your pets, 6 days a week.

Our team of veterinary surgeons, nurses and receptionists are always willing to help you and your pet, by providing a Gold Coast vet service to cover everything you need and to secure the health and happiness of your beloved family pet. To book an appointment with Pet Doctors simply call (07) 5576 0400.

Gold Coast Vet Services

Standard Vet Consultation


As your Gold Coast Vet, Pet Doctors provide standard health checks and examinations of your pet. These regular check ups are vital to ensure your vet obtains a thorough understanding of your pet and all her/his medical needs.

During your 30 minute consultation you may be provided with advice on what is best for your pet’s skin, teeth, weight and how to control it and so much more.

Consultations are really important for senior animals to ensure that they are getting the most out of their senior years.

Pet Doctors’ vets take considerable time to explain to you how to use medication and administer it for the best outcome for your pet.

Please click here for further information on our Standard Vet Consultations or call (07) 5576 0400 for an appointment.

Mobile Vet Service


Can’t get to the Pet Doctors surgery? Never fear! Pet Doctors provides a reliable and handy mobile vet service to residents within Palm Beach and Elanora.

Call us on 5576 0400 and our Mobile Vet Service we will send a vet and nurse to your house to treat your pet. Should your pet need further medical treatment that requires them to be transported to the surgery, we are happy to provide the Pet Doctors pet ambulance!

Pet Vaccinations

Protecting your family pet by ensuring they are up to date with their vaccinations is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. That is why at Pet Doctors we offer our clients a wonderful pet vaccination programme called .

As a member you pay a once off low fee and that will cover vaccinations for the lifetime of your pet. This program is a limited time offer only. To see if you are currently eligible please contact us on 5576 0400.

Seniors Wellness Program


Did you know our pets are considered seniors from as little as 5 years old? Pet Doctors recommends annual senior screening starts from this time onwards to prevent and manage the onset of disease.

The Pet Doctors senior screening for your dog or cat will concentrate on blood pressure, heart, arthritis, cognitive function, continence, vision, lumps and bumps, dental health, full blood screen and urine test. The aim is to maintain an ideal body condition, minimise and maintain disease risk and improve the quality and longevity of your pet’s life.

Call Pet Doctors on 5576 0400 for more information.

Pet Weight Loss Clinic

If your pet is looking a little portly then Pet Doctors offer a wonderful solution with our pet weight loss clinic!Feeding your beloved pet some of those leftover table scraps or a little treat here and there but don’t think that they are contributing to their little belly bulge? Or not sure what is the best type/s of food for the health and well-being of your pet? To book a pet weight loss consultation call us today on (07) 5576 0400.




Pamper your pet and give yourself a break from chasing your pet around the backyard with the shampoo and hose.

We take the stress out of caring for the condition of your pet’s coat and general appearance. Contact Pet Doctors today on (07) 5576 0400 to book an appointment for your pet’s next hydrobath.

Vet Services


Vet Specialist Services

With our state of the art facilities we are able to offer a number of Vet Services at Pet Doctors.

Please call our clinic on (07) 5576 0400 for further information regarding our services or click here for additional information.

Puppy School

Puppy SchoolDid you know that your puppy starts to learn by the age of 2 weeks? What this means is that by the time you get your puppy home he or she may have already developed some bad habits!

Pet Doctors Puppy School Gold Coast is the perfect education for your new puppy to teach both them (and you) the do’s and dont’s of puppy behaviour, and to ensure you have puppy who grow’s up to be a well dog!

Click here to enrol your puppy for Pet Doctors Puppy School Gold Coast, or call our clinic today on (07) 5576 0400 and have a chat to one of our helpful staff.

Click here to enrol or to find further information about our popular Gold Coast Puppy School.


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