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Can My Pet Give Me Fleas?

They are pesky little critters which can cause a serious case of the itches for your poor pet. While they can seriously plague you furry friend, can they hop over the species barrier and annoy us too? (more…)

Spring skin

Spring Skin 101

Spring is in the air, but with the warmer weather comes the inconvenient things that cause itchy skin! Fleas commonly set off an attack of the itches, but pets can also be allergic to grasses, trees, plant pollen, dust mites and moulds, as well as certain foods. (more…)

royal canin

Introducing Our Royal Canin Loyalty Program!

Exciting news for our clients who feed their pets Royal Canin!

We now have the Animal First Loyalty program available here at Pet Doctors. After purchasing 10 bags of biscuits or 10 packs of wet food you will receive your 11th one FREE!

Please ask our reception staff when you are in next how you can register.


Openpay is now available at Pet Doctors!

Pet Doctors is excited to announce we now have Openpay available.

Openpay is an interest free loan and can be used for veterinary bills greater than $100. Clients can chose their payment plans and approval is made within minutes through the Openpay App. Please talk to our friendly receptionist on 5576 0400 for further information, download the App or visit https://www.openpay.com.au/

dental health

5 Steps To Better Dental Health

There are five big steps that can make all the difference to your pet’s dental health: (more…)


How Much Sleep Do They Really Need?

You may have thought of diet and exercise as being the most important part of your pet’s health and wellbeing, but did you know that sleep has just as big a part to play? (more…)

Anaesthetic free dental

Anaesthesia Free Dentistry Hurts

More and more we are hearing of people advertising ‘anaesthesia-free dentistry’ for pets and we would like to fill you in on why this is doing more harm than good to your beloved fur baby. (more…)

dental procedure

Is My Dog or Cat Too Old For A Dental Procedure?

It is very common for us to see an older pet with dental disease but many people can be reluctant to pursue a dental procedure as they are worried about their senior pet having to undergo an anaesthetic. (more…)

henry's bloat

Case Study: Henry’s Bloat

Henry the five-year-old Great Dane presented one afternoon as he was restless, had laboured breathing and was drooling… (more…)


How To Recognise and Help Your Stressed Cat

You may look at your cat and think “I wish I had your life”, and who can blame you? They spend most of their days sleeping, get everything they need provided and there’s no working hours for these feline friends. But even so, cats can easily become very stressed in certain situations which seem normal to us. (more…)