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Anaesthetic free dental

Anaesthesia Free Dentistry Hurts

More and more we are hearing of people advertising ‘anaesthesia-free dentistry’ for pets and we would like to fill you in on why this is doing more harm than good to your beloved fur baby. (more…)

dental procedure

Is My Dog or Cat Too Old For A Dental Procedure?

It is very common for us to see an older pet with dental disease but many people can be reluctant to pursue a dental procedure as they are worried about their senior pet having to undergo an anaesthetic. (more…)

henry's bloat

Case Study: Henry’s Bloat

Henry the five-year-old Great Dane presented one afternoon as he was restless, had laboured breathing and was drooling… (more…)


How To Recognise and Help Your Stressed Cat

You may look at your cat and think “I wish I had your life”, and who can blame you? They spend most of their days sleeping, get everything they need provided and there’s no working hours for these feline friends. But even so, cats can easily become very stressed in certain situations which seem normal to us. (more…)


How To Make Your Home Arthritis Friendly

To help your arthritic pet live a comfortable life there are a few things you can do at home: (more…)

Case study: Canine Vestibular Disease

Toby is a 12-year-old german shorthaired pointer who went to bed as normal one evening only to wake the next morning unable to stand. It was as if Toby had suddenly lost his balance altogether. He appeared to have a head tilt and his eyes were ‘jerking’ irregularly. (more…)

older pet

Why You Should Adopt An Older Pet

If you’ve been thinking about getting a new furry addition have you considered adopting an older pet? There are plenty of positives when it comes to giving an older pet a home and a great companion is just one of them! (more…)

Could Your Pet Have Arthritis?

If you’re finding it a bit harder to get out of bed on these colder mornings, spare a thought for your pet. Arthritis loves to rear its ugly head around this time of the year and the reason your pet might be sleeping in more than usual could be due to pain. (more…)

Happy and Healthy Ears!

It’s a great time to take your dog swimming but did you know that an innocent dip can lead to an ear infection for your dog? (more…)


Spare a Thought For Our Wildlife

The warmer weather can be really stressful for our wildlife. After a few consecutive days of high temperatures, it is not uncommon for us to see wildlife suffering from heat stress and dehydration. Some animals can also suffer burnt feet from walking on hot tin roofs or even the pavement. (more…)