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flea treatment for cats

Our Step By Step Flea Treatment For Cats

Have you noticed little black spots crawling back and forth on your cat, or you’ve noticed little black specks that come off them when you give them a nice pat? These are signs of fleas, or flea dirt, which are the excretions of an adult flea. They can definitely be identified if you put a spot of water on the black dots and they turn a blood-red colour. In this case, you need a flea treatment for cats. (more…)

medical mediations

Behavioural Issues In Pets

Pets can develop behavioural issues at any time! Animal behaviour is influenced by a combination of genetics, early socialisation, and ongoing physical or mental experiences.

mental health

“Paw” Mental Health

Unfortunately, it’s not just people who can suffer from poor mental health – our feline friends can also be negatively impacted by chronic stress. (more…)


Butt-Scooting – What Does It Mean?

Is your dog frequently butt-scooting on the floor? As well as being embarrassing for you (as pets seem to save this “party trick” for when guests arrive!), it can be a symptom of an underlying issue in your pet that requires veterinary treatment! (more…)

vomiting in pets

Vomiting In Pets And When To Worry

Uh oh, your pet has been vomiting – what should you do?

The first thing to do is to clean it up, obviously! Not only is this good hygiene, but it prevents your pet eating their vomit, which is generally best avoided. (more…)

long haired cats

Long Haired Cats And How To Care For Them

Long haired cats such as Ragdolls, Birmans, Maine Coons and Persians are great to snuggle and are generally blessed with loving, sweet personalities. This makes them great companions! However, keeping one of these beautiful cat breeds clean and healthy will involve some extra maintenance. (more…)

Not all lumps can be lumped together!

Not All Lumps Can Be Lumped Together

Have you noticed any new lumps on your pet?

We recommend any lumps get checked fairly promptly by our team. This is because some lumps require further treatment for your pet’s health and comfort, while some can be harmless. (more…)

teething in young dogs

Young Dogs & Teething Issues

Puppies are adorable, but they can be challenging to live with! Here are our tips to help with a few common new “teething issues” in young dogs. (more…)

Taking Care Of An Older Dog

Taking Care Of An Older Dog

You blinked, and suddenly your exuberant puppy has turned into a sweet old girl or boy! But don’t worry – with some extra care and lifestyle adjustments your older dog should be able to enjoy a lot more quality time with you yet. (more…)


Giardia In Pets: The Ins & Outs!

Giardia in pets is a protozoan parasite that infects the gastrointestinal tract of humans, mammals, birds and even amphibians. The parasite can cause severe symptoms and is transmissible between animals and humans. (more…)