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6 Signs of Dementia

Have you got an older dog who is awake more at night or getting confused at times? Have you just put it down to ‘old age’? (more…)


Can Probiotics Help My Pet

There is plenty of scientific evidence that supports the benefits of probiotics in humans, but what about our pets? Can probiotics help your pet and when should you use them? (more…)

How To Get Your Pets Used To Your Return To Work

As COVID-19 restrictions relax and we start to return to a new “normal”, many people will be returning to work. Your dog may be used to having you around more, which means they also have likely been enjoying the extra cuddles, walks and maybe even the extra snacks! (more…)


Paw-ly Pets – When Giardia Strikes!

Giardia is a protozoan parasite that infects the gastrointestinal tract of humans, mammals, birds and even amphibians. The parasite can cause severe symptoms and is transmissible between animals and humans. (more…)


Did You Know Lillies Can Be Lethal?

Lilies are popular flowers and commonly used in arrangements due to their appealing fragrance. Many pet owners are, however, unaware of the danger they pose to cats. (more…)

addisons disease

Addison’s Disease Can Sneak Up On Your Pet!

Meet Zoe, the 10-year-old Standard Poodle. This usually-happy pooch was a bit quieter than usual and looked like she’d lost some weight. She’d also had a few episodes of unexplained vomiting and diarrhoea. (more…)

blood test

What Happens When We Run A Blood Test?

When it comes to finding out more about the health of your pet, blood tests are a powerful tool. They provide us with an insight into the health of many organs and can also confirm if your pet is safe to undergo anaesthesia. They are important in the diagnosis of disease and can help rule out endocrine diseases (such as Addison’s disease). (more…)


Why Does My Dog Bark?

A barking dog can be helpful and comforting especially when it comes to alerting you about possible intruders. Unfortunately, barking can also be frustrating and disruptive and excessive barking can even be considered a behavioural problem. (more…)


How To Practice Sustainability As A Pet Parent

Caring about our planet as best as possible is a great way to kick off 2020. So what can you do as pet owners to ensure that we protect the planet and make sustainable choices as often as possible? (more…)

rainy days

How To Keep Pets Occupied During Rainy Days

Even though we needed this amazing wet weather, rain day in and day out on the Gold Coast can leave our pets feeling a bit shut in and bored. ☔️ 💦  (more…)