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cat vegan

Can My Cat Be a Vegan?

Embarking on a vegan diet might be suitable for some people but what about our feline friends? Can a cat be a vegan? (more…)


How To Spot The Signs Of Diabetes

Diabetes can be caused by many factors, include genetics and obesity. Obesity in pets is a big cause of this disease, and with the amount of overweight dogs and cats that present to us growing every year it’s no surprise that this disease is becoming more and more prevalent. (more…)

excess skin breeds

Them rolls: dog breeds with excess skin

Shar-peis, basset hounds, neapolitan mastiffs, bulldogs and dogue de bordeaux. What do they all have in common? They are all dogs with excess skin and wrinkles! (more…)

friendly cats

Super Friendly Cats: ‘Slinkies’ and ‘Floofs’

In addition to particularly confident ‘moggies’, there are some popular cat breeds with a reputation for being highly friendly cats and almost dog-like in their behaviour.

We like to divide these cats into two cat-egories – the ‘Slinkies’ and the ‘Floofs’. In the Slinkies category are burmese, siamese and sphynx cats, while maine coon and ragdoll cats make up the Floofs. (more…)

snake bites

What To Do When a Snake Bites!

There is no set season for snakes in Australia, they are just a part of life, but warmer temperatures mean that they are more active, and therefore more of a threat to our pets. (more…)

dogs and fireworks

Dogs and Fireworks

New Year’s Eve and fireworks go hand-in-hand! It’s an all-out tradition that we all love, but can mean hell for our pets! That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide to dogs and fireworks! (more…)

Christmas present dog

What Might Santa Paws Bring Your Dog as a Christmas Present

For a very happy canine this Christmas, consider organising one of these dog-friendly Christmas presents from Santa Paws for your four-legged friend! (more…)

christmas present

What Might Santa Bring Your Cat as a Christmas Present!

Looking for the “purr-fect” Christmas present for your cat? Whilst there are some pretty excellent cat toys available online, it’s also possible to give your cat a great home-made present too! (more…)

fatty foods and dogs

The skinny on fatty foods and dogs

Unfortunately, whilst most dogs would really love a hearty meal of Christmas ham and crackling, or a bowl filled with turkey meat, it’s best to be really careful about fatty foods and dogs. (more…)

overweight dog

Helping Your Overweight Dog Shed Those Excess Canine Kgs!

It’s estimated that up to 50% of dogs are overweight, and in many cases, their well-meaning owners may not actually realise they have an overweight dog! (more…)