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Fruits and Veggies Your Pet Should Never Eat


Adding fruit and veggies to your dog’s diet can be beneficial so here are the ones you should avoid altogether!

Fruit and veg pets shouldn’t eat:


Number one is the most commonly known fruit for being toxic to our pets. Some can eat them without a problem, others will suffer severe and irreversible kidney damage. It really is not worth the risk to find out.


While some dogs can tolerate small amounts of garlic, it is better to be safe than sorry. Ingesting either onion or garlic can lead to lethargy, elevated heart and respiratory rate, pale gums and even collapse. Scarily enough, toxicity can actually cause the red blood cells circulating through your pet’s body to burst!


Delicious and juicy, these fruits are a common favourite! However, the pits and the plants themselves contain a chemical called cyanide, which is highly toxic. Therefore, only the pulp in safe for pets, or else risk respiratory failure or death.


Certain mushrooms are more dangerous than others. The danger with mushrooms and toadstools is that they can be anywhere given the right environment – even at the dog park! So, if your dog has grabbed him or herself a mouthful an immediate vet visit is imperative. Toxicity often causes seizures, tremors, organ failure and results in death.


Should your furry friend have themselves a snack on these sweet treats we recommend getting them to the vet right away! Toxicity can cause renal failure and your pet will be forced to vomit them up before they can do any serious damage.


While potatoes are found in many high quality dog foods, they need to be ripe and cooked or they can cause nausea, vomiting, seizures and heart irregularities. Potatoes that are green and raw are a no-go!


Similar to cherries, the seeds, leaves and stems of an apricot plant contain cyanide and can cause irreversible damage to dogs. Once again, the flesh is safe for them to eat so they don’t have to miss out completely!


Safe for pies, not for pets! Rhubarb can deplete the calcium levels in our furry friend’s bodies and can cause renal failure and various other problems.


Apples are safe for dogs to eat, but mind those pips! They contain cyanide and while quite a few seeds need to be eaten it is better safe than sorry!


Tomatoes are quite beneficial in a dog’s diet, but if you are a home grower make sure your furry friend cannot get their noses near the plants as they can cause gastrointestinal upsets in dogs.

There are numerous benefits to giving your pet fruit and vegetables, but make sure what you are feeding them is safe for them to eat.

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