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Does Parasite Prevention Confuse You?

Parasite prevention can get pretty confusing, but it’s an important part of responsible pet care. The start of a new year is always a good time to make sure your pet is up to date with their parasite prevention and the good news is, we can make it easier for you! To refresh your mind, here’s a brief overview of the major parasites you need to think about when it comes to the health and comfort of your pet:

Spread by mosquitoes, this worm matures in the bloodstream and can become lodged in the heart. It can be fatal and prevention is absolutely essential.

Intestinal worms
These worms live in the gastrointestinal tract of our pets and can cause diarrhoea, weight loss and anaemia, particularly in young animals or those that are immunocompromised. They include roundworms, whipworms, hookworms, and tapeworms (which are also part of the flea life cycle). Some gastrointestinal worms are also a zoonotic risk to humans. Prevention is very important for the health of your pet and people caring for the pet.

These pesky little creatures love warm conditions and can really cause your pet discomfort due to hypersensitivity to their bites. They can also bite humans! Flea prevention is easy and year round prevention prevents seasonal outbreaks and reduces the likelihood of secondary skin infections.

The paralysis tick is the major concerning tick for our pets. Once they attach they gorge themselves with blood and inject a toxin that can cause rapid paralysis and even death. Paralysis ticks are common along the east coast of Australia and they love coastal areas, however they can also be found elsewhere as they can hitch a ride.

Help your pet start 2020 on the right paw when it comes to parasite prevention! Ask a Pet Doctors team member about which product is most suitable for your pet as this will help prevent doubling up on prevention or missing one altogether.