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My Pet Won’t Eat

There are countless reasons why your pet might stop eating and several important indicators to see when your pet’s appetite is “off”. For example, if he eats, how quickly he eats, if he seems interested in eating to only walk away after a sniff, if he tries to eat but can’t chew properly. These are all clues that can help your vet identify what the underlying problem is. (more…)

A Ruptured ACL

What is a Ruptured ACL?

One of the most common injuries seen in dogs is called a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament (or ruptured ACL). This is the same injury seen in many a footballer – the notorious ACL, and it can can lead to dramatic arthritis in your dog’s knee if it is not treated effectively. (more…)

Getting Purrrfect Pet Photos

Love your pets and want to get the a pic to capture their personality? Even with the most camera shy pets there’s tricks to snapping perfect pet photos without tearing out your hair. Here’s some of the know-how! (more…)