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fatty foods and dogs

The skinny on fatty foods and dogs

Unfortunately, whilst most dogs would really love a hearty meal of Christmas ham and crackling, or a bowl filled with turkey meat, it’s best to be really careful about fatty foods and dogs. (more…)

overweight dog

Helping Your Overweight Dog Shed Those Excess Canine Kgs!

It’s estimated that up to 50% of dogs are overweight, and in many cases, their well-meaning owners may not actually realise they have an overweight dog! (more…)

chubby cats

Chubby Cats

Unfortunately, chubby cats are increasingly common, and bring an increased risk of issues such as diabetes, fatty liver disease, urinary tract disease and arthritis. (more…)


“It’s My Hormones!” – What Weight Changes In Pets Sometimes Means

Whilst changes in a pet’s body condition are often related to lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise, did you know that there are some cases where significant weight changes in pets can be the result of an underlying medical issue? This includes endocrine conditions (hormonal imbalances), which can actually alter your pet’s metabolism! (more…)


A Warning Post About Jellyfish On The Gold Coast

We would like to put out a quick warning to all pet parents on the Gold Coast, as we have had a number of dogs come in who have been sick with jellyfish ingestion.  (more…)

vet check

What Does a Vet Check In a Physical Exam

Whether your pet is seeing us for a routine check or an episode of unwellness, our vets aim to perform a thorough examination during your pet’s vet check. In combination with the information you provide to us about your pet’s home care and activities, this check helps us to quickly get a good idea of their health status. (more…)

flea treatment for cats

Our Step By Step Flea Treatment For Cats

Have you noticed little black spots crawling back and forth on your cat, or you’ve noticed little black specks that come off them when you give them a nice pat? These are signs of fleas, or flea dirt, which are the excretions of an adult flea. They can definitely be identified if you put a spot of water on the black dots and they turn a blood-red colour. In this case, you need a flea treatment for cats. (more…)

medical mediations

Behavioural Issues In Pets

Pets can develop behavioural issues at any time! Animal behaviour is influenced by a combination of genetics, early socialisation, and ongoing physical or mental experiences.

mental health

“Paw” Mental Health

Unfortunately, it’s not just people who can suffer from poor mental health – our feline friends can also be negatively impacted by chronic stress. (more…)


Butt-Scooting – What Does It Mean?

Is your dog frequently butt-scooting on the floor? As well as being embarrassing for you (as pets seem to save this “party trick” for when guests arrive!), it can be a symptom of an underlying issue in your pet that requires veterinary treatment! (more…)