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A Warning Post About Jellyfish On The Gold Coast


We would like to put out a quick warning to all pet parents on the Gold Coast, as we have had a number of dogs come in who have been sick with jellyfish ingestion. 

These poor puppos who came in with jellyfish poisonoing all presented with vomiting, throat irritation and were trying to eat grass, and unfortunately one even ended up in surgery because they were unable to vomit up the jellyfish they had eaten. Luckily, all dogs are now recovering from their ordeal and are expected to make a full recovery.

These jellyfish were picked up by the dogs during their walks at Palm Beach and Tallebudgera beaches and are about 10-20c piece in size with a blue/purple-ish colour. Make sure you keep an eye out if you take your furry friend to the beach! It only takes a moment for your furry friend to scoop one up so we encourage you to be extra vigilant.

If you notice any unusual symptoms, we recommend you to bring them in to see our Pet Doctors’ team immediately as swift action will make all the difference. Phone us on 5576 0400.

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