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5 Superpowers Our Pets Have

dog abilities

Our dogs are amazing creatures, and they can often sense things that we cannot even imagine, almost like they have superpowers!

Here are some of the amazing things our pets can sense:

Our Moods

Dogs are experts in reading our body language and voices to be able to discern when we are happy or depressed. They can detect things like your pupil size, posture and even facial expressions. Our dogs live in close quarters with us and because they love us so much they tend to hone their attention in on their pet parents, making them sensitive to visual cues that are symptomatic of our emotions.

They also have a heightened sense of smell that may alert them if we’re stressed or upset by the amount of sweat we are producing.


The shifting hormonal levels in a pregnant woman is far more obvious to our fur friends with their incredible sniffers. They may also notice a change in her lifestyle, which for our routine-loving friends can be a huge clue that something pretty major is going on.


If you have a storm-phobic dog you may notice that they start to show signs of anxiety hours before a storm hits. This is well-documented and an impressive skill, and so is the science behind it.

Our furry friends can sense the drops in barometric pressure that occurs before a storm, as well as rising levels of humidity and changes in the ozone. It’s also believed that the static levels in the air are a trigger for our pets, which is why an anti-static thundercoat is successful in many situations where a dog can sense a storm and start to stress uncontrollably.


Dogs can even be trained as assistance dogs to detect an oncoming seizure in their human and properly warn them.

Hypoglemic seizures, which are caused by a sudden drop in blood glucose in people with TYPE I DIABETES are noticed when dogs are able to notice changes in the scent of the skin and breath.

Epileptic seizures are thought to present themselves to these dogs through elevated stress levels and behavioral changes that are signals of an upcoming episode.


Amazingly, dogs have been able to use their olfactory capabilities to bring attention to different forms of cancer, such as ovarian, lung, breast, bladder and melanomas. While they can detect them, this is not a 100% proven method of detection. However, it is still a pretty impressive skill to have!

It may seem like our pets have superpowers to detect the unseen! We think it’s safe to say that these special abilities are nothing to be sniffed at.