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Why They Eat Grass!

Why They Eat Grass

Ever wondered why your pets eat grass?

It is one of those strange behaviours that can be a bit baffling, but there may be a very simple explanation why your dog or cat suddenly exhibits this cow-like interest.

1. The simplest explanation is that some pets like the taste of grass or they are hungry.

Grass is also a staple in a carnivore’s diet in the wild, which they will consume when eating an entire smaller animal, including their grassy stomach contents. So it may be safe to say that the desire to eat grass is something buried instinctually in them.

2. The next reason is that they are not feeling well and eating grass is a way to induce vomiting and help them feel better.

Many vets and researchers have looked into this reason, only to find many dogs with this behaviour are not ill and don’t vomit afterwards, but it has also been suggested that it is a method used to improve digestion and even treat intestinal worms.

3. Your pet may be fulfilling unmet nutritional needs

Eating grass can be a form of increasing certain nutrient levels, including fibre. For this reason it is important to make sure they are getting a well balanced diet. Ask Pet Doctors if you are unsure of the best diet for your pet.

PLEASE NOTE: If your pet is exhibiting an odd appetite, like eating non-edible objects, it is called pica and it is not healthy for them. If noticing this or vomiting then please contact us immediately on 5576 0400.

Feeding on grass isn’t a behaviour you need to be worried about in most instances, just keep in mind that some herbicides and pesticides used on lawns can be quite toxic when ingested.