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Pet Safe Halloween

pet safe halloween

All Hallow’s Eve is always a fun time of year! Plenty of costumes, chocolate and candy is like heaven for most of us, just make sure to follow our 6 tips for a pet safe Halloween.

  • Firstly, microchipping is vital, just in case your fur friend gets a fright and flees from a warty witch or a frenzied Frankenstein. And keep that collar with ID tag on during the nght.
  • Lift any tempting treats out of paws reach as chocolate and xylitol (sugar substitute) are poisonous to pets
  • Candles and lit jack-o-lanterns are not always such a good idea when pets are around. See if you can get battery operated substitutes.
  • Pet costumes are cute and make for wonderful, memorable photos, but always check the fit and that it doesn’t interfere with hearng, breathing, seeing or moving. Get your pet used to the costume and never leave them alone with it.
  • Glowsticks and glow jewellery aren’t generally toxic to pets, but if chewed the liquid tastes bad and makes them act strangely.
  • If your pet is naturally anxious and doesn’t like strangers, keep them in a safe place where they cannot escape, preferably indoors and away from the sounds of the ghosts and ghouls that wander the streets outside.

Now you’re all set for a pet safe Halloween so go and have some fun! We’d love to see photos so feel free to post them on our FACEBOOK page!

pet safe halloween