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Is There Such Thing As A Pet Flu?

Pet Flu

It’s a common question: is there such thing as a pet flu? The answer is yes but unlike in humans, there isn’t typically a flu season for dogs and cats and infection can occur year round.

Dogs can contract canine cough (incorrectly but often referred to as Kennel Cough) and cats can suffer from cat flu (commonly caused by a herpes virus).

Canine cough: is a highly contagious disease that’s passed from dog to dog by moisture droplets. If not vaccinated, it’s most likely your pet will catch this in the local park from another dog (or at boarding kennels). Vaccination is simple, effective and given annually at Pet Doctors. Your dog may still contract the infection but will thankfully be protected against the worst strains.

Cat flu: is also highly contagious and can cause severe illness, especially in elderly cats or kittens. Vaccination is highly effective and while it won’t always prevent cats from developing flu, it helps reduce the severity of the condition. Flu vaccinations are given annually at Pet Doctors

If you’re unsure whether your pet is currently protected against these diseases, please call your Pet Doctors team on 5576 0400 and we’ll be able to help.