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How To Keep Pets Occupied During Rainy Days

rainy days

Even though we needed this amazing wet weather, rain day in and day out on the Gold Coast can leave our pets feeling a bit shut in and bored. ☔️ 💦 

The best way to keep our furry friends happy is to give them exercise, right? Well, you’ll be glad to hear that dogs and cats also get just as much enjoyment out of mental exercise as they do physical!

Here are some great ways to keep them occupied:

Put those millions of scent receptors in your pets nose to good use by teaching them to use their nose! Simply hide a treat under one of three plastic cups, then call them in the room and teach them to find the treat. Go one more, and teach them to sit once they find the treat!

It’s a great feeling for both you and your dog when they learn a new trick. Use plenty of treats and spend the time to teach them something new, like shake, spin or roll over. Don’t forget, using treats and plenty of praise is the key and never force them to perform as it is only enjoyable for them if they’re willing.

Fillable Kongs are the best for keeping your dog or cat busy and happy. Adding small treats and peanut butter or a bit of honey will make for a pleased pet. Try freezing them to give them a cool treat and always supervise.

Most dogs and cats love a nice rub down, so take advantage of the weather to go over their skin and coat to check for any abnormalities. Massage is also as good for pets as it is for humans and can help relieve any pent up anxiety the wet weather brings. If your pet is a bit more reticent to gentle handling then reward them with treats and praise when they are calm.

This game helps develop the bond between you and your dog and also helps with recall. While one person holds your dog, the other goes to hide. Keep a treat on hand so they get a reward when they find you!

Many pets don’t like going to the toilet in the rain. Who can blame them? But you can gradually ease this behaviour. Simply give them a treat for going outside, then another for standing close to the rain, then another for going in the rain, and leave the best treat for when they actually go to the toilet!

Save some extra special toys for when your pets are feeling cooped up. This can give them that added bit of excitement to their play time!

❤️ The Pet Doctors Team 🐱🐶