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is a lifetime vaccination plan which, for a one-off payment of $352 for dogs* and $312 for cats*, will give your pet free annual health checks and booster vaccinations for the rest of his or her life!

  • No joining fee!
  • No annual subscription!
  • No catch!

We all know vaccinations and annual boosters are extremely important. They help our pets to maintain immunity against painful and potentially fatal diseases as well as helping to prevent the need for costly treatments in the future.

 makes an essential part of petcare affordable.

*Yes there are Terms and Conditions

  •  is applicable to cats and dogs only.
  • This program includes C5 for dogs and F3 for cats.
  • Vaccinations for Rabies, Chlamydia, or FIV in cats are not included.
  • This program is valid for patients and owners that reside in the following Gold Coast postal codes: 4220, 4221, 4223, 4224, 4227, 4228. Please call us on 5576 0400 if your area is applicable.
  •  is not to be used for any animal other than that of the registered pet within the programme. A change in pet ownership will incur an administration fee.
  • To qualify for  your pet
    • has to have been vaccinated within the last twelve months (and must be up to date when presented for their vaccine.)
    • must have completed their primary course of vaccinations (for the purposes of this program, this includes the required vaccinations for puppies or kittens and their first annual booster.)
    • You will be required to show a completed vaccination card at your pet’s first visit if your vaccine was done at another surgery.
    • If your pet is not vaccinated or up to date with their boosters you will be asked to pay for those services before joining.
  • The   offer cannot be used in conjunction with other Pet Doctors offers, unless explicitly stated.
  • Some vaccination programs don’t follow an annual booster plan, if during any stage of the  programme your pet is overdue for one of its scheduled vaccination injections / boosters, according to manufacturer’s recommendations, it will be necessary to start the initial course of vaccinations again. If this is the case, the cost of the initial course will have to be paid in full before re-commencing the  programme.
  •  is a non-refundable offer.
  • Please note that it is a condition of the  programme that you are up to date with all payments due to us and you shall not be entitled to any  vaccinations whilst there are sums owing by you to Pet Doctors

Please call (07) 5576 0400 for more information or visit Pet Doctors and sign up for this special offer.