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Pet Doctors & Coronavirus / Covid-19


Client Interaction Plan and Communication

Updated 27/03/20

To our valued clients,

We are now introducing a patient drop off system. This is to minimise the risk of human to human transmission for you and for us of Coronavirus as well as to comply with social distancing regulations and avoid a waiting room with a large number of people present. Our reception team can help you with this process.

The key steps are to;

  • Make an appointment as usual
  • When you attend the practice advise our reception team at the door or alternatively stay in your vehicle and phone us.
  • Our vets will speak with you respecting social distancing guidelines.
  • We will admit your pet for examination. We will then speak with you regarding our findings and discuss relevant treatment options.
  • If your pet needs to stay for hospital care, diagnostic investigation or surgery, we will discuss the clinical, logistical and financial aspects of this and arrange the necessary paperwork. We will explain how we can do this electronically or over the phone.

We are working to arrange video consultations through the app Zoom and hope to implement this shortly.

Please make sure that the person bringing the pet;

  • Is not currently positive for COVID-19
  • Is not in a quarantine arrangement due to recent travel history, or has had exposure to a person with known or possible COVID-19 infection in the last 2 weeks
  • Is well with no respiratory symptoms

If you are travelling from NSW, please go to https://www.qld.gov.au/border-pass to apply for a permit. Choose the ‘compassionate entry or compulsion of law’ option. Please bring your appointment confirmation as supporting evidence.

All Australians are working with each other to help manage the emerging COVID-19/Coronavirus problem. At Pet Doctors Palm Beach we are taking steps as part of this to help do our bit.

COVID-19 has reached a stage where community transmission is occurring, and the source of the transmission is not always evident. The quarantine periods and other advice given by the health department are for the benefit of all Australians and are aimed at reducing the load on the health system so everyone gets the care they need should they become ill.

Recommendations as to how these precautions should be implemented are changing all the time and we will strive to provide an environment where we can continue to deliver the best possible patient care, while also looking after the health needs of our valued clients and staff members.

Apart from implementing the drop off system, steps we have taken include;

• Preliminary screening over the phone. If you are unwell, have had contact with someone with COVID-19 or have travelled overseas recently please tell us. We can still see your pet and give them the care they need. We would ask you to have a well friend, family member, dog sitter or Animal Ambulance bring your pet in. This person should not be someone who you have spent time with while affected. We will treat the pets with appropriate precautions to keep us and them safe. We can have a consultation with you over the phone and then give your pet the treatment it needs.

• SMS communication of current protocols.

• Reducing the amount of face to face time between our team members and clients. We know you love your pets and we will care for them as we always do even if you can’t be with us physically. We’ll keep you up to date with your pet’s progress in hospital.

• Frequently cleaning of commonly used services and areas. We will reduce any potential environmental contamination by cleaning with agents that have effect against corona viruses, particularly COVID-19. We have detailed cleaning protocols and use agents with high levels of proven efficacy based on external advice.

• Splitting our teams to minimise any disruption to services associated with quarantine. We understand that many of you have a great relationship with our team who treat your pets. In the current circumstances, if one team member tests positive to COVID-19, then it is likely that those working closely with them will have to quarantine. If the whole hospital is affected, then this will interrupt our ability to treat your pet. As such we have split our teams so that in the event of quarantine, we can continue to offer services.
• We ask you that only one family member brings your pet to our hospital. We are very happy to have other family members join the consultation by phone.

• If wait times are prolonged and you would like us to admit your pet while you wait elsewhere, we are happy to do this.

• For the time being we are not allowing families to visit their pets in hospital, but we will happy to send photos of them to you. We will make an exception for euthanasia provided the person attending is well.

Please give us a call on 07 55760400 if you would like to discuss these issues any further, or to book an appointment